CEC in Italy – International Reality Capture Workshop

Welcome to CEC’s Italy microsite – a space where you can peruse an array of vibrant digital content from our recent trip to Volterra, Italy, for the International Reality Capture Workshop.

Our talented CEC team of Matt Bainbridge (Bridgeport), Rick Celender (Pittsburgh), and Rob Sinclair (Pittsburgh) captured this once-in-a-lifetime experience through photography and video. Upon their return, vast amounts of captured data from the workshop were converted into interactive 3D models, which you will be able to manipulate and explore with the aid of your computer’s mouse or your device’s touchscreen. We’ve also included a selection of stunning photography that simply gives you a glimpse into the Italy experience – the food, wine, landmarks, and fun – separate from the reality capture assignment that was at the core of this trip.

Click the images below to access the libraries for each of these media. If you have any questions about CEC’s experience in Italy, the technology utilized, or the 3D deliverables, please contact Rob Sinclair, CEC’s Corporate CADD Technology Manager, at rsinclair@cecinc.com or 800-365-2324.